Christmas School Holidays Skills & Fitness Program


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During the School Christmas Holidays Pine Rivers Junior Rugby Union will be conducting a Skills and Fitness program for all of it players, this program is also open to any child who wish to come and try Junior Rugby Union. This activity is being conducted not only to advance the Skills and Fitness of PUMAS players but is open to any child who wishes to come and learn what Rugby Union is about, make some new friends and have a good time.

Location: Pine Rivers PUMAS Rugby Union fields Les Hughes Complex Baker Street Bray Park

Starting Date: 17 December 2018

Completion Date: 25 January 2019

Sessions and times: Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 9 am – 11 am

No Activity: the only date where there will be no training is the 26 Dec 2018

Activity Co-Ordinator: Mr. Terry Hunt
Contact: Mob- 0429690100

Skills: The skills will include passing, catching, kicking, tackling depending on age, rucking, mauling and Laws of the game appropriate to age.

Fitness: These activities will be dependent on the age and fitness of each child.

Rest Periods: There will also be regular drink and rest periods.

What to wear: Shorts, shirt, runners/Rugby boots, hats and sun screen

What will be supplied: Cold water, all training aids including footballs, toilets for both boys and girls and some fruit after the session has finished.

Cost per child: Free for current Pumas members and a once off cost of $10 for non Pumas members

Nomination: Please advise Co-Ordinator via phone or email by the week prior to end of School

Other Information:
Parents are welcomed to stay and assist

Daily Program:

Monday – Fitness
Shuttle run or jog (distance according to age and fitness)
Sit ups/push-ups/star jumps/burpees/etc.
Team/individual activities/games

Wednesday – Skills
Catch and pass including on the run
Kicking and catching
Tackling depending on age of person
Rucking and Mauling depending on age of person
Tag players for Under 5/6 and 7years old’s
Laws of the game depending on the age of participant
Games pertaining to age of participants

Friday – Combinations of Skills and Fitness
Go over what was learned during the week
Games pertaining to what was learnt and their age
Finish with answer and question sessionsessions